Abol Bahadori and Gabriel Shanks


Abol Bahadori
Acrylic on unprimed canvas, 28″ x 50″
Created using Gabriel Shanks’s poem (below) as inspiration

By Gabriel Shanks

A course of action: to not
think about that. Instead, find
a recipe, one that calls for
flour, salt, wounds, and
tiny daggers.

In a mixing bowl, sift until
snowfall covers the sinkhole
entirely, in bitter perfection.
While it bakes, catch your breath.
Think of swampland.

Wait an hour, silently; when
the sunken submersible of
dignity rises from the deep,
stick a pin in it. Inhale heat
and its flavors.

With a damp sponge, scrub
countertops. They won’t be
clean, but good enough. Place
in the window to cool. Eat
with your hands.


Abol Bahadori 1 resized_INSP

Abol Bahadori
Inspiration piece provided to Gabriel Shanks

Hued and Holy
By Gabriel Shanks

Quiet you come, skimming the lake
the way gods and hummingbirds do…
effort that looks like
no effort at all.

Alight in the sun, setting and gold,
thumbs deep pressed in unseeing eyes…
wait five, six seconds
until stars appear.

Then open: look again.
Notice colors, hues first.

This is the world you asked for exactly
with its bluebark river that
washes sore hearts

Next to a forest traced on your pattern
laid in greenspring valleys that
never see clouds

Only gods in kaleidoscope,
dreaming, for you.


Note: All of the art and writing on this site belongs to the person who created it. Copying or republishing anything you see here without express and written permission from the author or artist is strictly prohibited.

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