Amy Souza and Dale Leffler


Amy Souza
“The Muse, Embraced”

Acrylic and collage on raw canvas with tree branch
Created using Dale Leffler’s poem (below) as inspiration

By Dale Leffler

Before the sun arrives, I write,
thinking of you and all the ways we connect.
We speak of challenges, and changes, futures and possibilities
yet we continue to be the same with one another other.

The mornings light absolves the night’s dark horizon
my words chase thoughts like scampering squirrels on a tree branch
the leaves turn from summer green to burnt orange and burgundy black
time passes with grace
and I once again think of you

You remind me to write,
to express what is so, right here and write now,
to feel my life, the loss and love, the pain and pathos.
You say, “Embrace it,” don’t just wait for it to happen.

There is no closing, no tidy resolve here,
no tying up of loose ends, life continues.
The words stop without care, enough for now
and then this new day bumps me from behind.



Amy Souza
“Orange Magnolia”

Acrylic and collage on paper
Inspiration piece provided to Dale Leffler

By Dale Leffler

The drama of this days’ horizon
sits between sky and land.
Sun rises, blazing holes through the clouds
casting soft shadows across the unfolding earths’ surface.

Life plays out in all its’ brilliance
energy pours out as heat and light.
Another twenty four hours appears on the clock
what is to become of it?

Will we reach out to each other
initiate generosity, compliment or complain
smile or frown at what is presented?
The choice is ours, once again.

May I remember, all are burdened
mine no heavier than others.
Grant me humble compassion
gentle heart and helping hands.

Passion, mystery, self expression and affirmation
makes life valued, challenge and reward
connection and exchange the heartbeat
worth all the seeking, even if not yet found.

Note: All of the art, writing, and music on this site belongs to the person who created it. Copying or republishing anything you see here without express and written permission from the author or artist is strictly prohibited.

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