Brian MacDonald and Mary Lucas


Brian MacDonald
Inspiration piece provided to Mary Lucas

By Mary Lucas

When I received the photograph I had two very different reactions. First, I saw a hopeful flash of red, white and blue – all youth, optimism and promise. Then I focused on the truck and was reminded of my mother who is 86 and fading as Alzheimer’s invades her life. I chose to send both responses – please select the one you prefer for the Web site.

Initial Response: America

Red pickup truck. Blue sky. Bright white Hanes Beefy-T. It’s as American as believing hard work and a little luck can buy you a better life. All you have to do is hop in and drive.

Second Response: Thinking of My Mother Who Has Alzheimers

The truck tells a story of life lived at full speed and pushed to the limit. Decades ago she was someone’s new baby. Cherry red paint, gleaming chrome, the rich smell of new leather seats.

Which imperfection came first? Scratch on the bumper? Flake from the chrome door handle? Like a bathing beauty at 86 it’s hard to find the flawless paint job and gleaming allure of years past under the marred surface

But it’s there. The heart and spirit of a road warrior. She may have most of her miles behind her but you know that with some new tires and a tune-up there’s still adventures to be had. Somewhere the young truck lives in an old man’s memory. And someone still loves her because of the stories her dents and scrapes tell.


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