Cheryl Leibovitz, E. Russell Lynn, and Mark Owen Martin


Cheryl Leibovitz
Created using E. Russell Lynn’s story (below) and Mark Owen Martin’s musical composition, “Yellow, as inspiration

Do Colors Stir Your Soul?
By E. Russell Lynn

Little one, just four months from the womb,
What happens for you with colors?
How does red or blue hit you?
Do colors wash over you?
The names for colors can’t be in your mind.

What happens to color without a name?
How does it register?
Do colors stir your soul when you cannot name them?

Orange stirs at my roots.
Green moves the innards of me.
Magenta excites my heart.
Lavender holds me in mystery.
Lemon glows in my forehead.
My hands are filled with sienna.
My face radiates gold, and
My soul is bathed in wonder.

How do I let crimson and azure wash over me?
Will names soften the blow?
Could I open to color without the protection of a name?
Let me open to color without hiding in a name.

I can’t explore these questions without words.
Enjoy, little one, too soon your words will protect you.



Cheryl Leibovitz
Inspiration piece provided to Mark Owen Martin and E. Russell Lynn

Music response: Mark Owen Martin, “RedGreen”

Sliding Down Scarlet Street
By E. Russell Lynn

Sliding sideways down Scarlet Street,
The white marshmallow march
Ran into the passionate purple polka.
The gnarled green gavotte envied them.
The silly cerise sonata sobbed.

The purple pusillanimous passacaglia had predicted
And the prescient pink passacaglia proved it,
As passionate Prussian blue partitas preened for all.

The divine day-glow dance dangled
And the boisterous black bombast
Looked biliously blue as the sorry
Sienna sonata sang a cold cobalt cadenza.

Lavender lamentations cannot undo such a refrain.
They sing sonorously sad spirituals,
While licorice lutes lead leaden lamp black ballads.

Say a mass for vermillion verses
Sung with manly mauve melodies by a mariachi.
Don’t divulge the orange octaves addictions, or
The green glissandos going into the gorge.
And please allow the golden etudes to color it all in luscious lemon.


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