MM Panas and JoAnn Moore


MM Panas
“Self Preservation”

Mixed media on canvas,
encased in plastic and rope    16″ x 12″
Created using JoAnn Moore’s poem (below) as inspiration

By JoAnn Moore

This slow days-long rain might be enough
to finally replenish northern reservoirs,
cleanse winter’s remnants for another year
and allow me to sleep in this morning,
but it cannot save us.
Despite our mutual dislike of long
cold showers, it might be what remains.
This occurs to me when walking the dog
as I maneuver his leash and my umbrella
while carefully rescuing another
earthworm from its sidewalk drowning.
I know their journey lightward is an act
of self-preservation, but why not stay
in the grass? Why does the impermeable
call to them so? Questions sting and drum my ears
with each water heavy pelting as I reach one
that no longer responds. No response
from human touch, it may be too late—
yet I still gently toss it lawnside.
Who knows what it takes to be saved.



MM Panas

Acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 24″
Inspiration piece provided to JoAnn Moore

Natural Urgings
By JoAnn Moore

Here, at the end of August,
hawks float on offshore updrafts in ever widening circles

which can keep them flapless for over an hour
while they search for the returning salmon that journey

too close to the surface. It’s a mesmerizing dance
between the sun and ocean, cloud wisps

and wing tips, the pull of seasons, survival.
Closer to home, the north facing branches of the corner maple

tinge deep russet, the least protected
hydrangeas now mottle; the massive magnolia

begins its fourth bloom and the lemon tree
focuses its ripening on six last fruit.

Almost daily the early lifting fog gives rise
to a season’s ending urgency—

summer is never long enough.

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