Sheri Leseberg and Lauren Flax


Sheri Leseberg
Created using Lauren Flax’s poem (below) as inspiration

Piece of Sun
By Lauren Flax

The trees got up and walked to the other side of the room
when you touched me, I shined so bright
The dishes cracked, the bread got stale
The curtains, bleached and brittle,
crumbled in my hands when I tried to draw them shut.

Light through my bare windows kept the neighbors awake
The dogs paced all night
and the children were late for school
A man complained to city council
Others prayed for my soul.

Curious men and women with pinhole projectors
Lined up outside to watch me
All I could do was stand at the window
because I knew that if I left my house
this piece of sun would ignite the world.



Sheri Leseberg
Inspiration piece provided to Lauren Flax

The Space Between Memories
By Lauren Flax

At the insistence of time’s gnarled hand
And the confines of the memory’s store,
Are so many moments we must withstand
Slipping away, to return nevermore.
Cast between summer’s haze and autumn’s mist
And between autumn’s mist and winter’s veil,
The idle days that do not dare resist
To step aside for those of great avail.
What lives in the space between memories?
Time untended is most certain to yield
Roots of our present joys and maladies
In all of that we have lost or concealed.
The measure of ourselves is begotten
by what is remembered and forgotten.


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